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Erindale Health Centre Services

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Erindale Health Centre, or EHC for short, offers a variety of primary health care for families in the Saskatoon area. We are proud to provide a walk-in clinic and weekend hours for your convenience. Our physicians and doctors are incredibly skilled in their care, making sure each patient receives the proper treatment they came to EHC for.

Walk-In Services

Our walk-in services at EHC are available if you do not already have an appointment with us. The wonderful staff and physicians we have on hand are prepared to provide excellent care for you as a walk-in patient. These services are offered for colds, flus, minor injuries, or other small ailments you would like to have checked out.

Minor Emergency Services

Alongside our urgent care services, we offer emergency services to minor injuries such as sprains, small breaks, persistent ailments, allergic reactions, and the like.


Annual physicals are important for your general well-being. We also offer sports physicals, physicals for kids who are headed to camp, health screenings for various job sites, and other physicals performed during checkups with your doctor.

Prenatal Care

This special care is offered for women who wish to get pregnant, or are in the early stages of their pregnancy. We will also regularly take care of you and your baby to ensure both of you are healthy, strong, and ready for the exciting day of delivery.

On-Site X-Ray

X-rays are offered for breaks, dislocations, kidney stones, chest X-rays, and a number of other areas. We can do these on-site the same day of your appointment.


For maximum convenience, EHC has an on-site pharmacy. You can fill and pick up your prescriptions with ease as you stop in for your appointment, or have just enough time left during your lunch hour to grab your medication.

Pre-Employment Exams

Some companies and places of employment require that you have a pre-employment exam done before you begin working. We will go over your medical history and physical health. This may include hearing, vision, respiratory evaluation, and other similar tests that can help determine if you are a good fit for the position.

Insurance Medicals

EHC schedules for Insurance Medicals if you are looking to obtain insurance. We test for illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and the like to let your insurance company know all the details before you sign up for an insurance policy. You will undergo height and weight measurement, blood pressure, and have blood and urine samples taken.

SGI Medicals

SGI Medicals are required if you experience a medical condition that may affect your driving abilities. These medicals are crucial in maintaining your driver’s license. SGI Medicals include a vision test and other testing for ongoing or reported medical conditions to ensure you have full abilities to safely operate a vehicle.

Mole and Wart Removals

Moles should be checked out regularly, especially if you notice any changes in size, shape, or texture. EHC can remove moles that appear concerning. We provide wart removals as well if you wish to have them taken off of your skin completely.

Insurance Forms

EHC provides insurance forms upon request, which is one less thing you need to worry about when coming into our health centre. You can fill these out while you wait for your appointment to ensure your health insurance is set up or updated.

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